My husband and I had Alison for a private class in our home while I was still pregnant and I left feeling both knowledgeable and way more positive about the ease and simplicity of breastfeeding. Alison made herself available to us as much as we needed and was at our home the day we returned from the hospital. Alison was a great resource at every turn and was always prompt in responding to any text messages or other random questions or worries. She greatly cares about what she does and your success.

She checked in with us when she hadn’t heard from us in a while and continued to be both an emotional support and a tactical genius in helping us through everything from our son having an easier time breastfeeding on one side than the other, how to pump, bottle introduction and more. 

 I’d recommend Alison to anyone. She has a wonderfully caring, soft personality which is a great counter point to the craziness that can be the first few months of a new baby. When baby number 2 comes around, I will not pass go without Alison on my team, meeting us at our home post hospital. Every child and every mouth is unique, something Alison taught us.



You have been an invaluable resource of information and support for me. Without you we would not have identified W.’s tongue and lip ties or know who to turn to to address them. I appreciate you making yourself available to me, listening to my concerns and answering my lists of questions. You held the space for me to think a little clearer and make the informed choices that were best for my whole family. You are a true advocate for mothers and families alike and I thank you.

With much love and gratitude,

J., B., and W.


…Last but not least, thank you for your kind encouragement.  Also, I want you to know how tremendously grateful I am for all of your expertise and help.  You came to our rescue at a really trying time and have probably single-handedly saved my breastfeeding relationship with my sweet baby boy.  Having a supportive husband has been huge as well, but I am forever in your debt and so appreciative of all of your ongoing ideas, support, referrals.  …



Alison was our doula for six weeks after the birth of our twins.  She was such a calming and knowledgeable presence.  My husband and I had many questions about what is “normal” and she was so resourceful in breastfeeding tips & tricks (and there are many – who even knew?!).  We bottle fed and breastfed and Alison was so savvy in helping us to create a routine — even helping with all the ins & outs of pumping.  Her encouragement was priceless, especially during such a huge transition.  

She has great experience with all types of parenting and was without judgment in these situations – whatever was our preference was what she supported.  She was level-headed and a total team player — hiring her was one of the best decisions we ever made!!  — as someone who suffers from anxiety, I felt supported and, most of all, calm!  In addition, she immediately stepped in and took care of whatever tasks needed to be done around the house — bottles (so many bottles), laundry, strongly encouraging me to nap, and even her affection for our golden retriever was so appreciated.  

Our entire family is grateful for her help last summer!



We had a wonderful experience with Alison.  She is knowledgeable and confident regarding all things related to babies.  She looked after our newborn while I took my older daughter to preschool.  i never worried once about the baby while she was in Alison’s care.  I always returned home to find a happy, rested baby.  She also helped to ease the transition for my 1.5 yr. old daughter…she taught her how to be gentle with the new baby and encouraged appropriate interactions between the two.  She helped out around the house as well, always making sure bottles were made and the dishes were clean.  She always arrived precisely on time and stayed late if needed.  She’s great!



Alison was our postpartum doula for 4 hours a day for the first 6 weeks of my son’s life, and also a couple of days a week until my son was about 5 months old.

After the birth of my fist baby, I longed for the wisdom and guidance of women who had been through this experience before me, but I couldn’t quite cobble this support together from my existing family or friends. When I learned about postpartum doulas, I knew I wanted one for my second baby.

Alison was the doula of my dreams! She took extremely good care of me, the new baby, and my two year old. She entered our chaotic household seamlessly and with little to no questions saw immediately what she could do to restore order. In the first days, I relied heavily on her expertise as a lactation consultant. She answered so many questions, easing many of the day-to-day (minute-to-minute!) worries. For example, she brought her own scale, and let me see that my very quick eater was taking in plenty of milk when it seemed he nursed too shortly. When he was very gassy, she showed me specific ways to hold him to relieve his discomfort.

i struggled with splitting attention between the baby and my toddler, and recovering from pregnancy/birth itself. I would have really stressful mornings, but then when Alison showed up in the afternoon, I was amazed how all the stress evaporated. By the time she left, I’d find myself cuddled up with both my little ones, happy and peaceful as could be.

As my son got older, I found I could ask Alison anything about mothering and she always had a thoughtful response. She has three children, and she answered so many questions about what I have to look forward to. She is very generous in sharing her experiences. I admire her mothering so much, and many of her thoughts and ideas continue to influence me.

I will always look back very fondly on those first few months of my son’s life. Alison offered immense expertise, friendship, and lasting kindness.



Alison worked with me as a post-partum and lactation doula during the first 6 weeks of my postpartum period.  I selected her because of her lactation expertise.  I cannot stress how hard the two weeks postpartum are — the sleep deprivation, while attempting to nurse, and your baby is losing weight — it is all very stressful.  Alison is the only reason I made it through this two week period and my baby daughter and I are in a wonderful rhythm now and the nursing got so much easier (my baby girl is now 12 weeks).  Really the whole process of labor and delivery is so overwhelming and once you get home with your newborn anything you read about nursing goes out the window and you just need someone to talk you through what is normal, etc.  You need an expert to help you get through the really difficult first few weeks, especially if you want to successfully breast-feed.  She was so knowledgeable and compassionate.  As a doula, or mother’s helper, she also really understood that the best way to help me was to help me in any and every possible way.  After visiting us just once or twice, she began to take initiative and do things that she knew would be helpful to me (like folding laundry, or unpacking groceries, etc.)  I cannot say enough kind things about Alison.  Towards the end of the period she felt like a trusted friend.  Oh and last but not least — my baby girl LOVED Alison.  She was a real calming presence and I felt no reservations whatsoever handing my 1 week old over to Alison so that I could get some sleep.

You should also know that Alison can bring a scale with her to your visits.  This was such a relief to me, because you know right away that the baby is gaining weight and on track.  



Alison is amazing. When I had my first child, I struggled with nursing. I was determined to have a better approach with my second. So, before my little guy was due, I asked Alison to help me. She came to the hospital once he arrived and immediately helped me get in sync with him. She was kind, understanding and so easy to talk to. I had great success breastfeeding him and did so for over eight months.

Also, Alison was terrific in her support beyond nursing. She helped me balance my new little guy and my older daughter. She gave me great solutions, and I felt very confident in giving them the attention they both needed. Furthermore, when I went back to work, she helped me prepare emotionally for the big day.

In short, Alison was a lifesaver. I had such a great experience with her and highly recommend her to anyone having a baby.


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